Here’s another one I drafted months ago and am only just getting around to posting!

March 2015

As I think I mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve been working flat out here for a few months now, and so it crept up on me somehow that I was due for my RnR break (we get 5 days RnR, plus 2 days for travel every 3 months).

I also suddenly realised that March was an incredibly busy month, with the financial year-end, and a lot of activities planned and needing to be implemented (and money needing to be spent!) asap. So I realised on a Thursday that if I didn’t take my RnR immediately, I wouldn’t have a chance to go at all, so I planned a very hasty and last-minute trip to our designated RnR spot – Jordan and I was on a plane by Monday!

I’ve always wanted to see Petra, and so I planned a little trip, in which I was going to spend 2 nights in Petra, 1 night in a bedouin camp in Wadi Rum desert, 1 night at a posh resort at the Dead Sea and then a couple of nights in Amman.

I spent an absolute fortune on transport – taxis are hugely expensive there, and I was travelling alone so couldn’t share the cost with anyone, and it was generally a very expensive holiday, but it was totally worth it – Jordan is fantastic!

Petra was every bit as incredible as I thought it would be. Utterly Amazing.

I arrived on Monday, and drove straight to Petra, with only a slight detour to play with some snow still left on the hilltops, (yes, it was still that cold in the mountains in March!) and I managed to fit in a quick tour of Little Petra nearby before sunset. I checked into my hotel, and had time to grab a bite to eat before the Petra by night tour, which was magical, walking down through the canyons by moonlight. Continue reading